{about} The Lantern Room Company

The Lantern Room Company provides beautifully crafted Creative Content and Editorial Services, elevating and celebrating the enduring power and magic of words to connect with others.

I’m Emma Galvin and, harnessing my own lifelong passion for the power of the written and spoken word, I founded The Lantern Room Company to create vibrant and dynamic work to support and enable others to let their stories shine and reach out to customers in their own unique voice.

Creating the right tone for your business is an important element of your brand identity and optimising that can really help you to connect with your audience.

I have worked alongside many organisations, both big and small, and my role at The Lantern Room Company is to create copy for your business or publication that sparks and jolts your readers’ collective imagination and draws them in, whether in the form of an interview, profile piece, travel feature, press release or putting together some SEO rich web copy.

I am particularly captivated by the romance of lighthouses and their rich literary history, so I came up with the name for The Lantern Room Company as something that represents a beacon of light; a safe space; illuminating and showing the way in turbulent and rocky waters. A lantern room sits high up at the top of a lighthouse, surrounded by glass in order allow light to be be cast all around it. It enables vision and clarity and offers a sense of strength and positivity in moving forwards. This is what I want The Lantern Room Company to represent to our clients and our readers.

I love collaborating with others, so do drop me a line if you’d like to have a chat about a piece of work, or if you need something editing. A fresh pair of eyes can sometimes make all the difference.


Let your story shine.


Photo by Vicki Hull Photography